Posted on October 11, 2016

You’re not “just” a Housewife….

  • You spend your days in yoga pants chasing after a toddler while holding a baby while your Starbucks latte goes cold.
  • Your last “date night” ended up being cut short from a call from the babysitter saying your kids couldn’t calm down.
  • You try to keep your house clean enough so that it doesn’t look like a tornado came through and took you to the land of Oz.
  • You attempt to have a gourmet meal on the table when your hubby gets home from work, but often times it’s plain spaghetti with tomato sauce (my go to!).
  • You want to be able to bring in some income to help support your family while staying at home.
  • You want to be able to balance a family and a career.
  • You want to have it all.

Well, Powerhouse, throw that latte in the microwave and warm it up again because I am there with you, and I can help you.

I’m Tesse, a Millennial and a Housewife just like you, and it is my passion to help women achieve the dream of having it all. After quitting my full time job to stay at home with my first born, I realized women were often forced into choosing between having a family and having a career. (Not fair!) So, I decided to say “screw you” to society, and prove that you can raise happy, beautiful kids while having a successful career.

I started this blog to help millennial women, like yourself, achieve the dream of being able to stay at home and raise the kids while perfectly balancing a career or side-hustle. You can have a clean house, a healthy meal on the table, happy kids, a sexy marriage, and a successful career. Together, we can redefine the “Housewife” into a badass, take control, proud women who has it all.

Through my courses and training you will get all of the secrets to being a badass Millennial Housewife. I’ll show you how to:

  • Keep your house clean without breaking a sweat
  • Cook fast, easy, healthy meals with your kids
  • Keep your kids engaged and happy (so you can actually enjoy your latte)
  • Make sure your marriage stays spicy (ooo la la)
  • Run a successful side-hustle that brings in income ($$$$) for your family

So if you’re ready to be the ultimate Millennial Housewife, click here to sign up for my FREE private Facebook Group where you can connect with other Millennial Housewives and become a part of an inspiring and supportive tribe!