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Taking Some Time Off Your Search

Day 18-10:40 pm: Ok, I’m running on fumes. I’m going to be honest with you. This whole staying up late, applying for jobs, working a part time job, running after a toddler, and building a business is starting to really take its toll. So, I decided I needed one day. Just one day. To put one thing on hold. So I didn’t apply for any jobs this afternoon.

Mommy needs to take a break.

It’s gotta be ok for you to take a break. Give yourself permission to put something on hold. You need to take a break, too. Because if mommy is overwhelmed, the rest of the family is overwhelmed.

Also, if something else falls on your plate, you don’t want to crumble. My hubby was home with a cold so he spent all day in bed. Which meant that even though he was home, I still had to take care of everything around the house. And, bath time and bed time. So with that added responsibility, I just couldn’t do everything.

Have you ever had one of those days?

It’s ok if you do. You are totally allowed to put something on hold. Leave the dishes in the sink. Order take-out, or don’t pick up the playroom. It will be fine. You need to take care of yourself and your priorities.

Which is why it is important to stay organized. Keeping track of your to-do list and your top priorities is so important. Don’t worry about things that are at the bottom if you are too busy that day. Take care of the things that you really need to do first. But, make sure that you make the tasks manageable. Put little things on there so you can cross them off. Trust me, you will feel so much better and like you are making progress.

I’ll post more about that soon. But please remember, give yourself some time off. It’s worth it. You are worth it.

More Job Search Websites

Day 14-11:28 pm: It has been two weeks since I started my job search. I feel like I’ve been on every website imaginable. But, somehow, I keep finding new job search sites. There are so many out there that can be really useful to a stay at home mom.

Here are more job search websites that will help you on your job hunt.

  1. LinkedIn– This is such a valuable site for networking. It’s social media for businesses, basically. You can connect with past co-workers and recruiters can find you and contact you. You can also search for jobs. Make sure you have a strong profile and work history because a lot of employers will look here (along with Facebook). Really valuable for for finding a job!
  2.  Idealist– This website is for the philanthropist. Non-profits post here and companies that do work that benefits others. You will find large non-profits like ACLU, to smaller local non-profits like local church groups. You can look for part-time or remote jobs and can apply directly to the site.
  3.  Media Bistro– Here you will find jobs related to media and media companies. If you are looking to get into writing, freelancing, digital marketing, or anything related to media. This includes a lot of remote jobs and contract jobs, but can also give you some more stable and high up jobs.
  4. Glassdoor– If you haven’t been on Glassdoor then you need to be! This site allows you to look up companies to see how they ranked with employees, look up salaries for particular jobs, search for jobs, and post your own reviews of companies. Whenever I find a job I’m interested in, I look on Glassdoor for the company’s rating and for the salary of the job I’m applying for. It also gives you that information if you search for jobs on the site. Really valuable tool!

So, while you are job hunting, check out these great sites!


Juggling Everything You Have to Do

Day 9-11:59 pm- Yes, I’m up late. I’ve been applying to jobs. This afternoon I was working on something very exciting for my blog. So, I have come to the realization that I’m just not going to sleep anymore. Trying to find harmony is proving just as tough as I imagined, and I feel like I am far from it.

How are you doing on your Journey to Harmony?

Balance. There’s that word again. It’s just not possible! I think my world right now can be described in one word. Juggling. I am constantly throwing more balls in the air then I know what to do with.

Work at my toddler’s preschool- ball.

Writing blog posts- ball. (Love this)

Looking for a job- ball.

Playing with my toddler- ball. (My favorite)

Keeping the house clean- ball.

Spending time with my hubby- ball. (Favorite too)

Walking the dog- ball. (Fun)

Starting a very exciting piece for my blog- ball. (Yeah!)

Eating??- yeah right.

Sleeping?? – yeah right.

Self care??- what’s that?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, I get it. I get that your head is pulled in too many directions. That at times you want to throw your head in a pillow and yell curse words so your kids can’t hear them and start repeating them at school. I am right there with ya, sista.

But, before we check ourselves into an insane asylm, let’s all just take a deep breath. There. Let’s remember that it won’t alwyas be this crazy. Maybe for a little bit, but something will give. You will get a breather. I promise.

Something I find that will help me a lot is scheduling. Planning is so important to get everything done in your day. By planning, you can feel more organize and less scattered. You can feel more in control. I love to do lists, especially when I can check things off. Often times I even put tiny things on there like “Go to the bathroom” just so I can check it off the list! Though, I only have time for that once a day. TMI??

Anyway, because I love you guys, I have decided to put together a daily planner. This is something I think we could all use that will make everything just a little bit better. If you’re on my email list, I will send it to you as soon as it is complete. If you’re not, then why not? 🙂 Join! And I will send it to you.

Trust me, you will love this!

So, ladies, I believe in you. I know we have a lot going on, but let’s find peace in unity. Send me an email, or find me on Facebook or Instagram. I promise I’ll write back and we can talk about all of the balls we are juggling.

Here’s to being expert jugglers.


Combating a Lack of Motivation

Day 8-10:08 pm: This post is going to be a short one. My little one is still awake and it’s so late! I think it’s because we were inside all day due to the rain. That’s also a reason why I didn’t get much accomplished. Trying to keep a toddler entertained during the rain was not easy, and therefore I didn’t get to do much of a job search, or work on much of my business.

But we did get to play in some puddles.

So how do you combat a lack of motivation? When it’s rainy outside and all you want to do is cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea?

What I did was I kept thinking about my goals. I kept thinking about what I really wanted. I kept thinking about how if I made a little more money we could hire someone to put up gutters on our house so my hubby wouldn’t have to be standing on a ladder with a rain coat, swim trunks, and flip flops in the pouring rain trying to fix them. Or, we could afford to pay someone to pick up our groceries for us and deliver them to our house so I wouldn’t have to go out in the rain.

So, even though all I wanted to do was watch a movie, I managed to find the time to work a little bit on my business and write this blog post. Because I need to keep going, for my family.

So, make sure to keep your goals in mind.

Ok, my little one is having a melt down and I need to go!

Good luck!