More Job Search Websites

Day 14-11:28 pm: It has been two weeks since I started my job search. I feel like I’ve been on every website imaginable. But, somehow, I keep finding new job search sites. There are so many out there that can be really useful to a stay at home mom.

Here are more job search websites that will help you on your job hunt.

  1. LinkedIn– This is such a valuable site for networking. It’s social media for businesses, basically. You can connect with past co-workers and recruiters can find you and contact you. You can also search for jobs. Make sure you have a strong profile and work history because a lot of employers will look here (along with Facebook). Really valuable for for finding a job!
  2.  Idealist– This website is for the philanthropist. Non-profits post here and companies that do work that benefits others. You will find large non-profits like ACLU, to smaller local non-profits like local church groups. You can look for part-time or remote jobs and can apply directly to the site.
  3.  Media Bistro– Here you will find jobs related to media and media companies. If you are looking to get into writing, freelancing, digital marketing, or anything related to media. This includes a lot of remote jobs and contract jobs, but can also give you some more stable and high up jobs.
  4. Glassdoor– If you haven’t been on Glassdoor then you need to be! This site allows you to look up companies to see how they ranked with employees, look up salaries for particular jobs, search for jobs, and post your own reviews of companies. Whenever I find a job I’m interested in, I look on Glassdoor for the company’s rating and for the salary of the job I’m applying for. It also gives you that information if you search for jobs on the site. Really valuable tool!

So, while you are job hunting, check out these great sites!