Stay Sane as a SAHM: Interview with Sam Palmer of Modern Day Hippie Mama

Day 13-10:16 pm: Well folks, I have something really special for you! I have decided to start a whole new series of interviews with Stay at Home Moms who also blog. Every Friday I will interview another SAHM and share it here with you. I absolutely love getting the insights and perspectives of other stay at home moms.

I’m calling it my Stay Sane as a SAHM Series.

It makes me feel like we are all in a community together.

Being a stay at home mom (aka Millennial Housewife) can be isolating and hard at times. It’s not easy to navigate the waters of being home, changing diapers, cleaning up spills, and doing laundry without any adult contact until your hubby comes home.

That’s why I wanted to give you the chance to see how other Millennial Housewives do it.

You are not alone. There are so many of us out there. WE can form a community to support and trust one another.

I had the immense pleasure to talk to Sam Palmer with Modern Day Hippie Mama (I love that blog name!). Sam has four beautiful daughters, a dog, and a guy she lives with. She has a passion for organic wine, profanities, and being a mom.

What is really amazing to me is that she has been a stay at home mom for 6 years with her 4 daughters. She really knows what she is talking about. Something I took away from the interview was that she is really big into self care. So many times busy Stay at Home Moms forget to take care of themselves. Sam stresses how important it is to and your family to take the time to practice self care. Sam has written several blog posts about this which is great.

You’ll notice that both our kids are in the background of the interview. It keeps it real. We aren’t trying to hide the fact that we are moms or have “perfect” families. My little girl is coughing in the background and her little one is crawling on her lap. I love it!

Sam handles motherhood with grace and I was so proud to get to talk to her and share her story.


I loved talking to Sam! She is the perfect example of a Millennial Housewife who defines how she can have it all.

Here’s where you can find Sam:

Facebook: mdhippiemama

Instagram: @mdhippiemama

Pinterest: mdhippiemama

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Stay Sane as a SAHM Interview!

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Stay tuned next Friday for another Stay Sane as a SAHM Interview!

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