Spend Quality Time with Your Family

Day 11-10:51 pm: It’s amazing how quickly we can get caught up in things. We get so busy doing dishes, making dinner, doing laundry, scrolling through Facebook, that sometimes it’s easy to miss out on magical moments. Let’s take this moment to remember to stop and spend some quality time with our family.

It all started after the storm.

Remember I talked about the crazy storm we had here? If not, check out my post. So we were cleaning up after the storm, and pumping water from under our house. The outside was a mess. My hubby was outside putting up gutters on our house while I was inside trying to clean up the mess. You know the mess. It’s the dishes and toys and papers that pile up when it’s raining outside and you’re stuck in the house. Sound familiar?

So as I was cleaning the dishes I was letting my toddler play in the living room. And just as I completed that task, I went into the living room and it was a mess! One step forward. Two steps backwards.

So after I cleaned up the living room it was time to make dinner. So, I brought my toddler into the kitchen with me, gave her a big pot, and let her get water from the fridge and pour it into the pot to make “Soup”.

But, then the kitchen was a mess!

There was just a constant mess inside and outside our house.

Do you ever feel you just can’t keep up?

But, then I got to thinking. During this whole time I hadn’t really spent any quality time with my family. My hubby was outside cleaning up, and I was inside cleaning up. My toddler had been great about playing independently, but I wanted to play with her.

So after dinner, we left the dishes in the kitchen, and I sat down and played with my toddler. We did play-doh, read books, played with dolls, then watched a movie together. It was so nice for all of us to take a breath, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Even my husband came and read some books too. It was nice to have family time.

I realized how important it was to take time out of cleaning, and work, and craziness to just be with your family. Spend some quality time together. The other stuff will get done, eventually, I promise. The dishes will be fine.

Everybody will benefit from spending some quality time together. Really.



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