Stay at Home Mom Tip I Discovered

Day 17-10:54 pm: So, you know how I’ve been saying we have all been couped up in the house because of the weather? It’s been so hard finding things to do and toys to play with. Even with all of the new toys she got over the holidays, it seems she likes to play with it for 5 minutes then on to the next thing. Also, my toddler has had a cold, so she has gotten a lot (too much!) screen time these past few days. So when she woke up from her nap and immediately grabbed the tablet to start watching videos, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I had to get out of the house.

So, after a brief temper tantrum when I took the “puter” away, I experienced more fussing when I tried to get on her shoes, then more fussing when I tried to put on her jacket. Then when I was putting on my shoes she took her shoes off, then her jacket. So I put them back on her. Then as I was putting on my jacket and getting her bag, she took them off again. Cue more fussing as I tried to get the shoes and jacket back on (note to self, get EVERYTHING ready to go before attempting to put on toddler’s shoes and jacket). 20 minutes later, we were ready to head out the door.

I decided to go to the library, as I had a few books I wanted to donate that were extras from my Little Free Library.

**Side note: a Little Free Library is a box that you put in front of your house where people can take or leave books for free. It is such a great addition to any community and I get so many families who say they love it! Check it out HERE!)

Ok, back to my story. As we were driving to the library (which is literally 3 minutes away), she said she was hungry. So we stopped and grabbed a snack (and mommy got a latte). Finally, we arrived at the library.

 Getting out of the house was a game changer.

Let me tell you, she had so much fun at the library! They have a little play area for the kids and are super chill when it comes to letting kids run around and have fun. Nobody tells you to “shhh” or stops your kid from running up and down the book shelves. They are the best! So, I let her pick out some books to take home. She played in the kids area, made some friends, and had an amazing time! We stayed for over an hour and she was perfectly happy and content. Guess what? So was I! I felt like I could really play with her and have fun. I was present in the moment. 

Then we found out they were having PJ Story Time. So we went home, had some food, then went back to the library after dinner for the story time. Our story time is kinda famous around here. The Library manager, this young guy, does story time on Fridays and literally hundreds of moms and kids show up. It is standing room only to see this guy! He sings songs, plays guitar, dances with the kids, and reads stories. The kids love him. So, he was doing this PJ Story Time and my toddler was jumping up and down, singing, and listening to the stories. Once again, we stayed for about 30 minutes and when we came home, she was tired and happy.

I seriously want to go to the library every night!

So moms, when you are feeling tired, or overwhelmed, I say get out of the house. Go somewhere your kid can be a kid. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I’m not telling you to go to Disneyland. But, find some fun local activity where you can allow your kid to run around and be silly. And allow yourself to run around and be silly with them.

Put the phone down, and be present in the moment.

Afterwards, you will feel revitalized, joyful, and relieved. And exhausted, but that just comes with the territory.

Here’s to you getting out of the house, mamas!