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How Do You Invest In Your Business When You Have No Money?

Day 6-10:19 pm: Ok, I’m going to admit something to you. I didn’t focus on my job hunt today. I worked at the Preschool (where my toddler goes) and then got caught up in a webinar about launching a product. It’s one of those that promises you’ll make an obscene about of money in only a few months. I usually watch all of the free versions of these webinars on how to grow my blog and business, because, quite frankly I can’t afford “Only 15 easy payments of $97”. Really?? But, after watching the webinar came the pitch, and it actually caught my attention. It offered a program that instantly lays out the exact launch schedule for your product and walks you through it every step of the way. I thought that was pretty cool! And, it wasn’t $997, it was only $97. Obviously, the person did a good job of creating “urgency and confidence”, because I wanted to buy it. So it got me thinking.

How do you invest in your business when you have no money?

My sister-in-law started an online business a year ago. It has a physical product that she sells (a subscription box service) that is really wonderful, and she started a blog to go along with it. She quit her financial, well-paying corporate job to start this business so that she could be home with her kids. Sound familiar? So many women I know are doing this more and more , and I think it’s really wonderful. These mompreneurs are reshaping the business world and creating harmony between their business and their family. But, these moms invest money into their business.

One mom I know has invested over $10,000 to start her online business. Then there’s the upkeep costs of a web designer, social media manager, etc. It’s a big investment, and you don’t even know if it’ll make you any money.

There is the potential to make a lot of money, work from home, and spemd more time with your family. That is why moms do it.

But, what about those of us that don’t have $10,000 to spare? 

So far, I have invested about $250 into my blog and business. That includes web domain, training, WordPress theme, and logo. I think compared to $10,000 that’s not bad. And you can do that too.

But, the thing with that is I’ve had to do everything on my own. I’ve taught myself web design, social media marketing, SEO, and blogging. Would it have been nice to have some help at times? Yes. Though I do enjoy figuring it out on my own.

However, when thinking about investing in your business, you have to think about the return. Will this investment same me time and make me money? Will it help me reach my goals quicker? Will it help me make more money?

The money part is hard to determine. There are so many factors that go into making money. Market, timing, product, etc.

So really you have to think about the time you will save and meeting your goals quicker. At least, that is what I’m telling myself.

When you have no money to invest, you really have to weigh if this is going to be a good investment. And weigh all your options.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Life by Design by Allison Hardy ( She was saying that when she first started her business, she and her husband were broke. They had no money and her business just wasn’t working. She tried everything, but wasn’t making any money. So, one day she called her husband and asked if she could invest in a business coach. It was going to be a lot of money and she was scared. But, without questions, he said go for it. So she opened a credit card and paid for the coaching service on the credit card.

You know what? She has since paid it all back and her business is thriving. It was definitely worth the investment.

So, sometimes it’s ok to take a leap of faith and invest in yourself. Just make sure you weigh all your options and make a smart investment that will be good for your family, and your business.

I’ll let you know if I make this purchase and if I think it’s worth it!

Alright, my hubby wants to watch some Grand Tour with me. Gotta go!