Tips to Keep Toddlers Entertained in the Car

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Day 19-11:58 p.m.-Yup, it’s late again. But it’s only because I have had a lot to do. I was running a bunch of errands this afternoon and luckily my hubby watched the toddler at home while I got a couple things done. But just running around town there was a ton of traffic. It got me thinking.

How do you keep toddlers entertained in the car?

1. Toys!-this is kind of a given. I keep a basket of toys in the back seat and shuffle through them as necessary. You can also switch them out every couple weeks so they stay new and fresh.

2. Clipboard-My mother-in-law gave my toddler a clipboard with paper and a ziplock bag full of pens. That way the kiddo can have a hard surface to color on. Just, maybe get washable pens in case they go crazy and draw on the car!

3. Water Wonder- If you don’t have this, you have to get it! This is a little “book” that comes with a special pen that you put water in. When they color with the water it creates pictures in the book. They have also included games for the older kids. Then, when it dries, you can do it all over again! Amazing! Best thing ever.

4. Magic pens-This is similar to water wonder except it is a book that has pictures. It comes with a magic pen that only will write on the paper in the book, not on your car or their hands or their face. Priceless.

So go out and pick these things up if you are going on a road trip r just going to the store. It sure beats them watching your phone!