Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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This year the hubs and I decided that we needed to have a low key Valentine’s Day. Which is hard for me because I’m the type of person who celebrates every holiday with a Bang! I love the fancy 3-course romantic dinner with candles and roses and a violin player at our table (ok, never had the last part). But, with money tight this year, that means dinner at home, and honestly, I’m tired and fighting a cold so that might mean pizza. Then I got to thinking and my hubby and I decided to still make it special.

So here’s how we decided to do Valentine’s Day on a Budget.

1. Homemade cards

Do not go to the store and buy a $9.99 card. Please. We agreed to make each other a card from materials at home. So, I got some construction paper from the playroom and made a little pop-up valentine. FREE.

2. Pick your own flowers

Flowers are ridiculously priced on Valentine’s Day. It’s absurd! So we agreed that we would pick each other flowers from our garden. Only one problem. It’s winter and there aren’t any flowers in our garden. So, I challenged him to pick me a rose from the neighbor’s house. Let’s see if he does it!

3. Dinner at home

Instead of paying $200 for a fancy meal out, we decided to eat at home. My hubby requested heart-shaped burgers so I’m going to have to see if I can actually put that together. Also, drink the wine that’s been sitting in your pantry for a year! It’s time to take it out and try it.

4. Movie night

Ok, I love staying in and having popcorn and watching a good movie. Rent one on your tv and cuddle up on the couch after the kiddies go to bed. It’s almost like a movie theater, right?

5. Girl Scout cookies

Every girl loves chocolate on Valentine’s Day, so why not give back to a good cause? I treated myself to some Thin Mints a couple days ago and that’ll be perfect for a Valentine’s Day dessert!

6. Coupons

Instead of jewels or watches, give each other coupons. You can make them that day and they can say things like “Good for one back massage” or “Good for one night out with the boys”. Think of things that are creative that your hubby would really appreciate, not just “Good for one free hug” (lame).

7. Put the phones down!

Oh man, this is a big pet peeve of mine. My hubby and I are both so attached to our phones it’s ridiculous. Please, do yourselves both a favor and put the electronics away. Instead, look at each other (what?! You be crazy!!) and have a real conversation. Talk about the first time you eat or your first Valentine’s Day together. Tell each other “I love you”. Be romantic. All of that is free.

There you go. 7 free or easy ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget. You don’t have to be rich in money. Just remember you are rich in love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!